Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Nuts And Bolts of Purchasing Auto Insurance for Your Motorhome

When the open road calls, a recreational vehicle is almost always the vehicle of choice. The nature of a long and winding journey on an RV is no joke, though, so you’d want to purchase adequate car insurance coverage for the motorhome firsthand. However, RV owners from Phoenix and beyond looking to insure their vehicles are in for an insurance path that’s quite different from that of their peers’: specialized RV insurance typically resembles a combination of auto, home/renters, and travel insurance rolled into one. That alone can be enough to cause confusion. If you’re asking when RV insurance is required, the short answer is almost always. Some destinations explicitly require motorhome insurance while some others don’t, owing to specific state laws. Most, however, require RV owners to possess at least an accepted minimum limit of liability in case they’re deemed responsible for damaging another vehicle or injuring its passengers.